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Our company was established in November of 2019. We are an independent, fully insured, heating, air conditioning, and mechanical contractor with 21 years experience. We specialize in all types of heating, hydronic and air conditioning systems! Our goal is to provide thermal comfort and acceptable indoor air quality for your homes or businesses! Most importantly, us here at Critical Heating & Hydronics are dedicated to keeping your family safe!

We are located in Rochester New York. We service any projects we install, as well as any other existing mechanical systems. We offer tailored Maintenance Agreements & Scheduled Inspection Services.


Owner / Master Technician

William is the owner of Critical Heating & Hydronics.

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  • Phone: (585) 310-2258
  • City: Rochester, New York
  • Degree: Associates in Apllied Science
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  • Availability: 24/7

William graduated college with an Associates degree in Air Conditioning Technology: Heating and Ventilation (A.A.S. Degree) with a 3.985 GPA. He has worked for years at well known HVAC companies / industrial complexes. He is proficient in critical thinking and troubleshooting.


Michelle is our Human Resource expert at Critical Heating & Hydronics. .

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  • Phone: (585) 310-2258
  • City: Rochester, New York
  • Degree: Multiple degrees & Certifications
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  • Availability: 24/7

Michelle has been in the accounting field for 20+ years. She also owns a mobile nail salon business.



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Here are some of the services that we provide to our customers.

Forced air furnaces

Furnace Installs, Repairs, Cleaning, Inspections.

Steam and hot water boilers

Boiler Installs, Repairs, Cleaning, Inspections.

Water heaters

Water heater Installs, Repairs, Cleaning, Inspections.

Air conditioning systems

AC Installs, Repairs, Cleaning, Inspections.

Hydronic pumps / Circulator pumps

Pump Installs, Repairs, Cleaning, Inspections.

Backflow prevention devices

Backflow prevention Installs, Repairs, Annual tests.




Rochester, New York


(585) 310-2258


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